our tasty root story

Created on a rare sunny day in Kirkland, WA, we were strolling along as we normally do, talking about life and our goals. While reflecting on our journey of being vegan for the past year, we noticed how challenging it was to find places in our neighborhood that offered a range of vegan options, specifically yummy treats. Why does this shht have to be so hard?! We made a pact that day to work together to solve this problem. 

In July 2018, Tasty Root was born. We hit the ground running, learning all we could about the vegan treats world and building up our database of the most influential vegan bakers and business owners to set the stage for the Tasty Root Podcast

As Tasty Root makes its way through the booming vegan treats market, we hope you find value in the stories we uncover, the friendships we develop, and hope to make the world a little sweeter and a bit more vegan.   

Cheers to the entrepreneurs, lovers of treats, and soon to be vegans. :) 

Ellie & David

Tasty Root Co-Founders


Elizabeth "Ellie" Medeiros



david vangeystel