what is tasty root? 

Glad you asked! Tasty Root is a lifestyle brand with the goal of sharing the vegan treats community with the world! These yummy treats can sometimes be hard to find, so we try to showcase what's out there and encourage the world to create more yumminess! 

Who is tasty root? 

We are a small but mighty team -- Ellie Medeiros and David VanGeystel are the co-Founders of Tasty Root and manage all aspects of the brand at this time. This includes the website, all social media platforms, the upcoming podcast, and so much more! Learn more about our team here


I hear you have a podcast -- how can I listen? 

Great question! Yes, the rumors are true! We have a new podcast called, The Tasty Root Podcast and you can listen here on our website or on Apple Podcasts. Happy listening! 

I want to be on the tasty root podcast -- how can we make that happen?

Sweet! We would love to hear from you! Please contact us at thetastyroot@gmail.com or call us at (206) 659-7195 and we'll get things moving!